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Brenda standing in front of the Salt Lake Community College

Brenda's Story

When Brenda Nicholson, her husband, and her six children left the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) church in 2012, not only did either of them have a job or anywhere to go, but they also had few to no resources to help them integrate into society. After years of isolation in the Hildale/Shortcreek area of Utah and Arizona where the FLDS group congregate, work, and live, Brenda's husband didn't even know how to write a resume to obtain a job, and neither he nor she, nor any of their children had anything more than a high school education.

Through the Diversity Foundation, Ultradent's non-profit foundation dedicated to encouraging and supporting diversity of all kinds all over the world and more specifically, to helping people leaving the FLDS community to integrate fully into non-FLDS society and obtain higher education, Brenda's husband learned the skills necessary to construct a resume and obtain a job. Later, thanks to help of the Diversity Foundation's support, Brenda began pursuing her life-long dream of higher education and enrolled, along with two of her children, in Salt Lake Community College.


Enoch's Story

Raised in the FLDS religion in Riverton Utah, Enoch Dutson never considered higher education as an option. He credits the encouragement from his wife and many others around him to finally reaching out to The Diversity Foundation to discuss his options for going back to school. He knew he wanted to provide a better life for his four children and wife. With the help of grants and support from the foundation, Enoch began college, calling it "the scariest thing I’ve ever done."

Enoch soon discovered a love for teaching and working with children. "I love seeing them learn and I love seeing that light-bulb go on when they’ve been struggling with something and they finally get it,” he says. With hard work and perseverance, Enoch graduated with a bachelor’s degree and now works as a 5th-grade elementary school teacher in the Salt Lake City area. He says, “The Diversity Foundation gave me my start. They helped me get to where I am and now I have the opportunity to give back and make a positive impact on society and the lives of the kids I’m teaching."