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Our Mission

The Foundation's mission is to strengthen and align global communities. We intend to accomplish this by empowering vulnerable and underprivileged children with access to quality education. Through educational tools Diversity supports and encourages mindful awareness of the value of diversity and a respect of our ethnic and cultural heritage.

(AKA "Lost Boys")
Youth of Diversity

The Diversity Foundation assists young men (aka "Lost Boys") and women who are former members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ("FLDS"), a polygamist community in southern Utah and northern Arizona.

Many of these young people have excelled scholastically. They continue to receive high marks of achievement in high school and college. They are enthusiastic about their education and have pursued college degrees in areas of engineering, medical, accounting, business, law, psychology, et al. Because of outside support, The Diversity Foundation can assist these children with the opportunity to be self-determined and contributing adults.

Survival Manual

Survival Manual

This manual is a resource guide for young adults who have left the support of their families and need to make it on their own. The manual is geared toward success of surviving the challenges of life. It is not a guaranteed resource for your success, personal happiness, or peace of mind but is meant to be used to assist you in your ability to overcome some of life's difficulties and take care of yourself.

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